Monday, March 17, 2014


Mandatory Meeting for Pippin Students:

Tuesday:  1:15-2:15:  Meeting; reflection on Pippin, turn in money/vouchers, turn in scripts, get $25 checks back.

If you did not help with the set strike, you have two choices:

Take a lower grade in Period 7


Meet on Wednesday from 3:30-5:00 for a Humanities Center Cleaning.  We need to clean dressing rooms, costume rooms and organize the space.  See you there if you weren't at the set build!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 3-8

Mon., March 3:  Band Room and Barnum

3:30-4:15  Orchestra tune up, students get ready

4:15-6:00 Song to song with orchestra in Band Room

6:00-6:45:  Break- Dinner served

6:45-7:15:  Finish Finale

7:15-9:30:  Finish Cue to Cue

Tues., March 4:  Barnum

3:30-3:55 Break

4:00-5:00:  Guest Speaker:  John Rubenstein

5:00-6:30:  Dance

6:30-7:00:  Food Break- Dinner Served

7:00-10:00:  Dance

Wed., March 5:  Barnum  Final Dress

3:30-4:00  Orchestra tune up, get dressed and ready

4:00-4:15 Vocal Warm-ups

4:15-6:30 Dress/ Tech run with sound and orchestra Act 1

6:30-7:15 Break- Dinner Served

7:15-9:30  Dress/Tech run with sound and orchestra Act 2

Thurs., March 6:  Barnum- Teacher Preview Performance

3:30:  Call Time
Dinner Served at 3:30 (I know it's odd!)

5:00:  Performance

Fri., March 7:  Opening Night!

Call Time:  5:30

Performance:  7:00

Sat., March 8:  Performance

Call Time:  5:30

Performance 7:00pm