Sunday, February 22, 2015

2/23-2/28 Oz

Meet in the HC during lunch.  At 1:00 walk to Muir and SMASH for preview performance.  Wear all blue if you are ensemble (South Cast is performing)

3:30-5:30 Dance touch ups HC
5:30-6:30 dinner break
6:30-9:30 Rehearsal HC Act 1 North

Tuesday:  3:30-6:30 Both Casts Sitzprobe (this is when the cast and orchestra sit down in the BAND ROOM and run through every song in the musical live to the music)

Get dropped off at Franklin Elementary School by 8:15, in costume, ready to go.  Ensemble in blue.  (North Cast performing) a bus will return us to Samohi before the end of period 1

3:30-6:30 Both Casts Sitzprobe
Dance touch ups- leads will be pulled out as needed to rehearse in the HC with Hodges

Thursday:  3:16-4:15- Break- go get food
4:15-6:00 Pre-Light Act 2 North Cast
6:00-6:30 break
6:30-9:15 Run Act 2 North Cast

Friday:  3:16-4:15 Break- go get food
4:15-6:00 Pre-light Act 1 South
6:00-6:30 Break
6:30-9:30 Run Act 1 South

Saturday:  Barnum
8:00-12:00 Full Run Through, no costumes North
12:00-1:00 Break
1:00-4:00 Full Run Through, no costumes South

Lights 4:00-8:30 Crew doing lights only

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oz: 2/17-2/21

Monday:  Holiday- no school, no rehearsal

Tuesday:  Lunch:  Try outs for GirlCentral in HC during lunch
3:30-4:30  Choir with Huls
4:30-6:30  Dance- Jitterbug, full cast

Wednesday:  Council Meeting/ Rehearsal 8:30am HC
Dance:  3:30-5:00 Munchkinland, 5:00-6:30 Jitterbug?
3:45 Gruffalo Performance St. Joseph ELC

Thursday:  Rehearsal  3:30-6:30 Act 1 North

Friday:  Rehearsal  3:30-6:30  Act 2 South

Saturday:  Dance in Barnum 9-12  Oz
Rehearsal:  Act 1 South:  1:00-3:30