Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday-Sunday 3/17-3/22

Tuesday:  Council Meeting during lunch
3:30-7:30 Pick-up Rehearsal in Barnum North Cast
3:30-3:45:  Check in, get mics on, no costumes
3:45-6:15  Run Through without stops
6:15-6:30 Notes
6:30-7:30 Run any scenes that need help

Wednesday:  3:30-7:30 Pick up Rehearsal in Barnum South Cast
(same as above) and practice pep-rally performance

Thursday:  Call Time:  5:00
Performance:  7:00  South Cast

Friday:  Pep Rally:  Jitterbug
Call Time:  5:00
Performance:  7:00 North Cast

Saturday:  Call Time:  12:30
Performance:  2:00 North
Call Time:  5:00
Performance:  7:00 South

Sunday:  Set Strike- there are two sessions.  It's mandatory to attend one session, you are welcome to attend both.
2:00-4:30  Session One
4:30-7:00 Session Two

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